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We Analyzed 88 Google Ranking Factors & Here's What We Found [Ebook] - Search Engine Journal

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Google says its algorithm takes more than 200 signals into consideration when ranking webpages.

But Google doesn’t list all of those 200+ ranking factors. Not anywhere.

And most of those who claim to know all 200 Google ranking factors are lying – either to you or to themselves.

That’s why we have set out to uncover the truth about Google ranking signals. Or, at least as much truth is as possible with a company that is as secretive about its algorithm as Google is.

So if you’ve ever wondered what is and isn’t a ranking factor – or had to make the case to do or not to do something “because it’s a Google ranking factor” – this guide is for you.

The Search Engine Journal team has spent more than 200 hours researching and compiling our findings on 88 signals that have been declared, at one point or another in time, to definitively be Google ranking factors.

And now you can read our results in Google Ranking Factors: Fact or Fiction.

With this investigation into the validity of supposed ranking signals, our team has done its best to avoid guesses and speculation. We wanted only the facts (e.g., evidence from patents, confirmation from the source, and reputable sources) – not opinions.

Because, let’s be honest, correlation studies on ranking factors may be...

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