Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Google Titles Are Changing In Search But For The Better? - Search Engine Roundtable

Last updated Wednesday, September 15, 2021 07:51 ET , Source: NewsService

About a month ago, Google made a change to the snippet titles it shows in its search results, then confirmed that change a week after it was launched. The SEO community went a bit nuts about the changes and Google said, hold on, we are listening, we will adapt.

Google may have begun to roll out some of those changes based on the feedback it has received. Well, some folks in the community who are tracking the titles closely are saying they are seeing changes, some positive.

Brodie Clark:

Only anecdotal, but seems like Google’s title tag update has levelled out a bit now.

Anyone still have examples where Google has made the title noticeably worse in your opinion?

— Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) September 14, 2021

Andy Beard:

#Titlegeddon over?

i.e. I have stuck my head out of the window, and it feels like it has stopped raining

Lots of bad cases (e.g. HMRC tax avoidance) fixed
| remain | not switched to - hyphens
Emoji are mostly back
- Brands are still being addedhttps://t.co/EFbyIo1FG4 pic.twitter.com/WL6gZ3ACuF

— Andy Beard (@AndyBeard) September 14, 2021

Dr. Pete:

I'm noticing that a handful of examples (this is anecdotal right now) of bad title rewrites I captured a few days ago have gone back to simple (...) truncation.

— Dr. Pete Meyers (@dr_pete) September 14, 2021

So something may be happening here - did you notice positive changes?

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