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How to Go Deeper With Keyword Research: Go-to Tools & Techniques - Search Engine Journal

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What do real customers search for?

It seems like a straightforward question, right?

But once you start digging into research and data, things become muddled.

A word or phrase might be searched for often, yet that fact alone doesn’t mean those are your customers.

When you also factor in voice search and intent, it makes the entire keyword research process even more complicated.

While a paid search campaign will give us insight into our “money” keywords – those that convert into customers and/or sales – there are also many other ways to discover what real customers search.

It’s your responsibility to drive organic traffic to your clients’ website.

But that’s not the only responsibility.

If you have been in SEO for even a minute, you know the questions that come up:

How does that traffic play into our ROI?

Are those visitors converting?

In SEO, you still experience the burden of getting visitors who will turn into leads, customers, or sales.

That is where this deep keyword research process can help you.

Keyword Evolution

We are in an era where intent-based searches are more important to us than pure volume.

As the search engines strive to better understand the user, we have to be just as savvy about it too, meaning we have to know a lot about our...

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