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If you're new to selling online, chances are that you've been mystified by a term or acronym that everyone seems to be using.

Whether you're baffled by procurement or don't know what PPC stands for, don't panic. Simply consult our guide below for an A to Z of the need-to-know terms in e-commerce.

Here's what we cover:

A/B testing

Abandonment rate

Affiliate marketing


Average order value (AOV)

Black Friday

Bounce rate


Call to action (CTA)


Cyber Monday



Email marketing




Point of sale (POS)

Stock-Keeping-Unit (SKU)




A is for…

A/B testing

A/B testing might sound complicated, but it just means testing out two different versions of a web page or piece of marketing collateral: a version A, and a version B.

The two versions might be completely different website themes, or the change might be as tiny as one word or a different-coloured button. You'll then test both iterations on your customers.

If their experience is positive, aka views are high, then you can green-light the change. But if the experience has negative feedback, or low click-through, you can revert back to your other idea (or the drawing board).

Abandonment rate

When a potential customer fills a virtual shopping basket but decides to click that 'X' button rather than completing the purchase, it's referred to as abandonment.

If your online store has a high abandonment rate, it means your products are...

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