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The Looming Death of Third Party Cookies and Its Impact on Hotel Marketing | By Simone Puorto – Hospitality Net - Hospitality Net

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Many hoteliers leave marketing up to the experts. They have enough to manage without having to know the ins and outs of SEO, open rates, and conversion metrics. Yet, some things are worth the attention. Google Chrome’s planned removal of third party cookies in 2023 is perhaps the most impactful marketing event to happen in the last five years.

There are two main issues that await us when third party cookies, as we know them, come to an end: reduced accuracy in advertising targeting and tracking. Both are pillars of modern marketing and will leave many marketers feeling around in the dark for some time. Indeed, there are far-ranging implications here, and no one quite knows how to find a way around it.

What are Third Party Cookies?

But let’s back up. What are third party cookies?

Hotel websites track visitors for simple metrics like how many visitors from which places are spending how much time on which pages of the site. This is obviously very useful information. However, when a visitor then navigates to another website, maybe a review site or booking engine, third party cookies allow that visitor to be tracked across sites, building up a profile of what that visitor is likely interested in. Marketers use this to determine what content is working, who is interested in what they’re offering, and all sorts of other informative details.

On the other side, there have been countless examples where people feel that third party cookies are too intrusive and not respectful of...

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