Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Top 8 Google Ranking Factors: What REALLY Matters for SEO - Search Engine Journal

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Ah, ranking factors. The ancient art of ranking in search engines is a lesson in balance and patience.

Yet some people read an article like the example below that talks about the most important ranking factors and think, “Yep, I’ll follow that advice.”

You’ll read some bizarre stuff — like that Easter Eggs are ranking factors.

Now, you could spend all your time prepping for Easter Egg results and optimizing Google Doodles in the SERPs, or… you could just not do that.

After reading these types of articles, I’m begging for a shower and a bar of soap.

So what ranking factors should you focus on to improve your SEO?

According to Google’s John Mueller, you should focus on “awesomeness.”

But with over 1.8 billion websites online today, how do you create awesomeness?

And with the oversaturated amount of articles claiming to be ranking factors, what is fact or fiction?

With Google evaluating sites based on hundreds of ranking factors, knowing where to aim your SEO strategy for the biggest bang might seem impossible.

What we do know is that Google will continue adjusting ranking signals to best meet the needs of searchers.

This means that even new SEO trends have roots in the current algorithm – and with a little creativity and SEO savvy, it’s entirely possible...

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