Saturday, October 16, 2021

Video: Google Long Ranking Update, Title Improvements, SEO & Quality & More - Search Engine Roundtable

Last updated Friday, September 17, 2021 07:50 ET , Source: NewsService

Last weekend we saw a long and large Google search ranking update lasting for about four days, it went unconfirmed of course. Google may be making improvements to the titles it chooses in the search results. Google said smart internal linking can help your site earn trust. Google said site quality is not only about the pages missing from the Google index. Google said it does not differentiate between category, filter, tags or other search pages. Google said some lead ben forms can be considered ads. Google said the new content visibility CSS element does not impact rankings. Google said changing your WordPress theme can impact rankings. Google said making accessibility changes isn’t going to go against Google’s webmaster guidelines. Google said the mobile intrusive interstitial penalty doesn’t impact your indexing. Google is now going to enforce unique product identifiers for free Google Merchant Center listings. Google seems to have dropped the website button link in the hotel search listings. Google is testing a much larger block design for Sitelinks. Bing has this new toggle feature to flip between a compact view and full view in search. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to patreon.com/barryschwartz. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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