Friday, October 22, 2021

How to Set Up Your Google Analytics 4 for Success - Search Engine Journal

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In less than a month, Google Analytics 4 will be a year old. Have you adopted it yet?

At the very least, please tell me you have it running on your site… Please?

Here’s the thing — as we’ve talked about previously, Google Analytics 4 will eventually be our only GA platform option.

This alone isn’t a big deal. However, given that GA4 does not populate data from Universal Analytics, you need to get to tracking!

Alright, I’m off the high horse. Let’s talk about how to properly set up GA4 so you can get going.

Google Analytics 4 Properties

Perhaps one of the biggest fundamental changes in Google Analytics 4 is the way “properties” are handled.

Universal Analytics forces you to create a separate property for each of your online entities.

If you have an iOs app – property. Android app – property. Website – property.

In GA4, properties are created using data streams. A data stream is used to pull data from an online entity and push it into your property.

Each property can have up to 50 data streams.

That means all of your data lives in one place! You see it all together in order to get a better picture of your users’ journeys.

Setting Up Your Data Streams

Correctly setting up your data streams is necessary for getting the most out of GA4.

To create a data stream in GA4, go to the...

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