Saturday, October 16, 2021

China eyes technological edge over rivals - The Tribune India

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Abhijit Bhattacharyya
Commentator and author
The first part of this article is about the ‘visa humiliation’ of India, inflicted by the Communist Party of China (CPC). The second part addresses the CPC’s ways to strengthen air power, which stands perilously close to the aerial terrain of the Indian Air Force (IAF). Hence, New Delhi may like to change the threat alert to real-time ‘war of attrition’.
The one-point agenda of the humiliation inflicted by the Chinese and belittling of India shouldn’t be accepted by a 21st century sovereign country. Yet, as Indian diplomacy groans in agony under the weight of the uncivil and aggressive CPC-owned state, and as New Delhi’s mandarins hope for a favourable response for the issuance of visa to Indians — which stands suspended since November 2020 on the pretext of Covid-19 restrictions — one must ‘appreciate’ how well India treats the CPC.
The Chinese are being allowed to enter India on a visa made available by the Ministry of External Affairs, without mutual reciprocity. The Chinese enter and exit India with ease, thereby allowing themselves the leisure and pleasure to do what they feel like in the Indian hinterland. From economics to commerce, finance to banking and border intrusion to cyber fraud, the CPC leaders must be laughing at India’s plight, taking full advantage of the favour being granted through unrestricted movement of Chinese nationals across India.
In the process, the CPC dictators become a hero in the eyes of their...

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