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Launch begins for 2021 Uncirculated Coin set - Coin World

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Sales kicked off by the U.S. Mint Sept. 28 for the 14-coin 2021 Uncirculated Coin set.

Image courtesy of the United States Mint.

First-day sales Sept. 28 by the U.S. Mint for the 14-coin 2021 Uncirculated Coin set reached 139,119 sets.

The Mint is imposing no product or household order limit for the set, which is offered at $25.25.

The set comprises two folders holding seven Uncirculated finish coins each — one folder of coins from the Philadelphia Mint, and the other folder containing coins from the Denver Mint.

The set contains two examples each of the Lincoln copper-plated zinc cent, Jefferson copper-nickel 5-cent coin, Roosevelt copper-nickel clad dim e, Kennedy copper-nickel clad half dollar and Native American manganese-brass clad dollar.

The set also includes two quarter dollars struck at each facility — the 2021 Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site quarter dollar, and Gen. George Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter dollar.

The Tuskegee coin is the 56th and final issue in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. The Gen. George Washington coin is a one-year type.

All of the coins in the 2021 Uncirculated Coin set folder of Denver Mint coins exhibit the facility’s D Mint mark. All of the coins in the Philadelphia Mint folder, except the Lincoln cent, bear the P Mint mark.

The 2020 Uncirculated Coin set was a 20-coin set, which was offered at $25.25 and included the five 2020 America the Beautiful quarter dollars that were struck at the Denver and...

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