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Foreign educated startup founders and coworking spaces - four takeaways from Pakistan's startup ecosystem - Profit by Pakistan Today

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Pakistan is prime to be the next big tech destination. This little statement has had its doubters, it has been analysed, dissected and repeated to an annoying extent and none of that has exhausted the belief that is true. While there might be much else going on in the country that raises neck hairs everywhere, the budding of a startup ecosystem and the front-and-center role that tech has had in this has been a glowing takeaway.
Pakistan’s startup funding has reached $276 million this year, with the last quarter still to go. This massive highlight from Pakistan’s startup ecosystem is undoubtedly a source of joy. Many new startups in different sectors have popped up. The hot ones are grocery delivery startups, financial technology startups and trucking marketplaces.
Throughout the process, Profit has been following keenly as the technological startup ecosystem in Pakistan has blossomed, taken ugly turns, made inroads, and kept us all watching to see what comes next. Profit brings you four tech takeaways from Pakistan’s startup ecosystem.
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