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For Pakistan to increase its informational technology (IT)/information technology-enabled services (ITeS) exports, one of the most critical things is good quality IT/ITeS workers as our exports are directly proportional to the number of quality IT professionals we produce.
Pakistan’s IT/ITeS exports are growing at a remarkable rate of 45 per cent per year. These exports are much needed as they not only help with the country’s trade deficit but are also helping Pakistan move towards the dream of digital Pakistan. They are creating a highly paid middle class that is paid a much higher salary than in other formal sectors of Pakistan.
As per the [email protected] salary survey, the average monthly salary for an entry-level programmer is at least Rs51,344. The salary average is around Rs148,000 for programmers.
To keep pace with the rapidly expanding IT/ITeS exports, there is a huge demand for skilled people in the industry. For most companies, getting business is not a problem. It’s simply about how many good-quality resources they can find and bill to customers.
Every 100,000 trained professionals can bring in an additional $2-3 billion in remittances per year
The demand for skilled people in tech is also evident globally where countries like Japan, Germany, USA are facing shortages in hundreds of thousands of skilled tech workers. This is also a good opportunity for Pakistan to train tech workers and export this highly skilled manpower which holds high remittance potential for Pakistan....

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