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Friday Night Dinner Star Paul Ritter Leaves His Wife £ 80,000 Fortune - Texasnewstoday.com

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Harry Potter star Paul Ritter left his wife $ 120,000 in wealth after dying of a 54-year-old brain tumor.

  • An actor from Faversham, Kent, died at home on April 5, surrounded by his family.
  • The 54-year-old Chernobyl star is survived by his wife Polly and sons Frank and Noah.
  • He left the entire property to his wife for a total of 81,478 and a net amount of 69,478.
  • Ritter was best known for playing the patriarch at C4’s Friday Night Dinner.

By Mark Duell of MailOnline

Friday Night Dinner, Harry Potter and Chernobyl star Paul Ritter left his wife all of 80,000 after dying of a 54-year-old brain tumor.

The actor’s real name is Simon Paul Adams, who died on April 5 in Faversham, Kent, surrounded by his wife Polly Radcliffe and his sons Frank and Noah.

According to the document, Ritter left the 55-year-old wife with an entire property with a total value of 81,478 and a net value of 69,478. The family home is a terrace house worth 562,000 and was purchased nearly 20 years ago in April 2002 for 181,500.

Ms. Radcliffe, a researcher at King’s College London, has been awarded a probate as the only manager and executor of his property. The full value was left to her.

Ritter had a long and successful acting career for nearly 30 years, including playing the patriarch Martin Goodman at Channel 4’s Friday Night Dinner.

The comedy he co-starred with Tamsin Greig and Simon Bird focuses on the weekly supper of a middle-class Jewish family.

He also played engineer Anatoly Diatrov in...

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