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Investors Should Pay Attention to TMC Stock Following It's Pilot Program - InvestorPlace

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Buzz around The Metals Company (NASDAQ:TMC) stock will remain high in the coming weeks and months. TMC stock has been volatile since its Sept. 10 SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) merger with Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition.

The merger didn’t go exactly as planned, which has undoubtedly injected increased volatility into share prices. For better or worse, that has made TMC stock fodder for Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) meme stock proponents seeking to leverage their collective sway.

But the truly interesting thing about The Metals Company is its business model. So let’s start there in understanding if TMC stock is worth investing in currently.

Unique Battery Material Sourcing

The Metals Company plans to source battery metals in what it believes to be the lightest touch method possible. The company is attempting to build a system to recover polymetallic nodules from the seafloor.

Polymetallic nodules, aka manganese nodules, contain the four essential battery metals—cobalt, nickel, copper, and manganese—in a single ore.

There are a few things which make seafloor polymetallic nodules unique. The ores themselves lie unattached to the seabed and are formed over millions of years. They absorb minerals from the seawater over these long periods of time.

The seafloor ores also differ from land ores in several important ways. Namely, their production results in 99% less solid waste than land ores and no toxic tailings.

But the rub here is that The Metals Company is a young...

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