Monday, October 25, 2021

Manganese a promising new catalyst for drug synthesis - European Pharmaceutical Review

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Researchers have found that manganese can simplify the process of synthesising fluoroketones for drug design and manufacture.

A team of researchers at Rice University, US, have revealed that manganese salt simplifies the process of fluoroketones, precursor molecules for drug design and manufacture.

Previously, the complex method required expensive silver catalysts. A new study, published in ACS Catalysis, investigated how to replace this method with a cerium-based compound. That in turn led the researchers to eye manganese as a next-level catalyst.

Attaching negatively charged fluorine atoms to ketones helps direct the functional groups toward desired reactions when used in anti-cancer and other compounds, explained Rice chemist Julian West. West also noted in a previous study that replacing hydrogen atoms with fluorine “is like armour plating at that position” and helps drugs last longer in the body.


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Some of the advantages of using manganese include its low cost and great availability. “The...

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