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EGEB: This breakthrough research makes battery recycling more cost effective - Electrek.co

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In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • Scientists have taken another step toward making Li-ion battery recycling economical.
  • The “world’s largest” floating wind farm is being planned off the coast of Scotland.
  • Canadian clean energy company Amp builds a microgrid for a Native American tribe.
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Cost-effective battery recycling

Scientists at the ReCell Center — the US’s first advanced battery recycling R&D center at the Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory – have developed an innovative process for separating the valuable materials that make up the cathode, a battery’s positively charged electrode.

It’s a pivotal discovery that eliminates the problem of making recycling lithium-ion batteries economically viable. Recycling Li-ion batteries will become an urgent need as the shift to electrification accelerates.

The scientists’ method is called “froth flotation,” and Argonne explains how it works:

Used for many years by the mining industry to separate and purify ores, froth flotation separates materials in a flotation tank based on whether they repel water and float, or absorb water and sink. Generally cathode materials sink, which makes them difficult to separate from each other. That’s true...

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