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Nepra: performance issues - Part I - The News International

Last updated Friday, October 8, 2021 21:00 ET , Source: TopWireNews

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) recently released its annual state of industry (SOI) report. This publication is an authentic source of data and information, and a must-read for all stakeholders according to their needs and interest. The 254-page SOI report has provided a bird’s eye view of the power sector. It talks about at least 140 major cases, indicating that Nepra has been quite busy during the outgoing year. It has highlighted a lot of the critical issues faced by the power sector, which can be seen as the timely recognition of those issues.
It is true that Nepra may not have discretion over how these issues should be resolved; most of them don’t even come under its domain. It is also not clear to what extent Nepra intends to take action in the areas which come under its domain.
According to the official figures mentioned in the report, the total installed generation capacity of the country reached 39,772 MW by June 30,2021 (dependable generation capacity was 37,271 MW), showing an increase of 1,053 MW over the previous year. Out of this, the generation capacity of public sector power plants is 20,820 MW, and private sector power plants including KE’s made up the rest. Also, out of this total capacity, 25,098 MW is thermal.
The total electric generation in the country in the outgoing period (2020-21) stood at 143,090.64 GWh – including KE’s, an increase of 9363.44 GWh over the previous year. This represents a seven percent increase in the...

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