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Easy Dental Health Tips: Natural Tooth Whitening Remedies to Use at Home - India.com

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Dental hygiene tips: They say ‘invest in your smile, you are going to wear it every day’ but it’s hard to make sure that you look healthy and impressive when you flash that million-dollar smile. has been our logo. Healthy teeth are always beautiful and vice versa so if you spend some 10 minutes with you daily, you can have both healthy and beautiful white teeth at home.Also Read - Oral Health: What Is Oil Pulling and How To Do? Types, Benefits And Techniques Explained |

It is essential to follow a daily dental regime well in order to maintain proper oral hygiene. Don’t forget to brush twice a day. For maintaining oral hygiene, brushing twice is the key essential thing to follow. Here are some easy ways that you can adapt to your daily routine to make sure that you are maintaining your oral hygiene and are not fretting those visits to a dentist! Also Read - Pakistani Minister Uses Teeth to Cut Ribbon As Scissors Were Blunt, Video Leaves Netizens in Splits | Watch

  1. Gum massages: Spend some time with your gums as they are the foundation of your teeth. Healthy gums are equal to healthy teeth. Massage in a circular motion for 5 minutes in the morning and evening with the oil of your choice.
  2. Tongue cleaning should be on priority: Once a day, tongue cleaning with glycerine and cotton pad can prove to be magical.
  3. Mouth wash: rinse your mouth after every meal 2-3 times with a mouth wash of your choice swirl it for at least 30 seconds each for best results.

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