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Tesla 4680: Giga Texas to Begin Production in 2022 and a Short Review of Battery Tech - Torque News

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In that regard, many important questions were answered by Elon Musk during the Shareholder meeting this week. Among them, and when asked specifically about 4680 battery production at Giga Texas Austin in 2021, Elon Musk gave this interesting answer:

He basically said "…I dont think we will see 4680 battery production in Texas this year, but we are making 4680s in California... at our pilot plant, which is a big plant by normal standards, and like it can kick about 10 GW/h a year, so ...it is just a mile away from our Giga Factory in Fremont, so basically that factory will be able to make more than enough cells for Giga Texas to scale production of Model Y; ...and I do want to emphasize: form a point in which a factory can start making cars to where it reaches high volume production is typically about a year; thats considered very fast."

He continued "… So ...it takes longer, and Tesla takes longer to build a factory than it does to reach volume production once the factory is built; so …like in Shanghai we built the factory in 11 months, but to take it to high volume production took about a year; so I expect something similar here, you know, well start production this year and well deliver ... well probably deliver some cars from Giga Factory Texas this year, Model Ys; we wont to reach high volume production until probably the end of next year."

"So... but then I also expect well reach high volume production of the 4680 cell here in Giga Texas next year as...

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