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Crucial lead for OMC mining in Keonjhar as villagers trust the OMC MD being the exDM - Interview Times

Last updated Monday, October 11, 2021 04:40 ET , Source: NewsService

10 Years in positive journalism, and counting…..

One decade of carrying positive journalism is no less than providing a service to the nation. As a result, the fear of losing the respect of the readers is what prevents us not to be stopping to any publications related to those inspiring personalities on a regulative basis in order to attain inspiration. We believe that we have espoused the cause of positive and developmental journalism with utmost honesty and rigor. Unfazed by the competing media platforms who are obsessed with the TRP game and have no qualms in compromising time honored media ethics, we can safely claim we are out of this mad race for recognition. Rather, we chose the path less trodden. And, that has positioned The Interview Times where you find it today. We chose to play up the stories of those personalities who climbed the success ladder by the dint of their grit and gumption. These were the stories which escaped the wide lens of the big media. That is the narrative which you and I find relatable. And, we count on your support and patronage to keep this tradition running.

Once again, I would like to state that the entire family of Interview Times Media Network is firmly committed to positive journalism in pursuit of making a better society in the days to come. Journalism is a passion for us, not a profession. Let’s celebrate.

In this traumatic pandemic, a thank you note is incomplete without saluting the departed as well as those who lost their loved...

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