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In Season: Why You Need To Try Fennel In October - Prevention.com

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Fennel may not scream fall vegetable the way certain carve-able gourds do, but if you’re passing it up this time of year, you’re missing out on a ton of flavor, texture, and variety. Grab a bulb and you’ll no doubt join the fennel fan club with us.

The bulb-shaped veggie is native to the Mediterranean and is often tied to Greece and Italy, where wild fennel still grows and is widely used in the local cuisine, according to FoodPrint, a project led by GRACE Communications Foundation to increase public awareness of current food systems and advocate for sustainable alternatives. Today, it’s most often grown in India, China, Syria, and Mexico, and within the United States, it’s a minor crop in California and Arizona, according to FoodPrint.

Fennel has also been touted for its medicinal properties for centuries; even the ancient Roman Pliny The Elder recommended it as a treatment for stomach ache, uterus health, and more.

But what’s so great about fennel today? Find out why it deserves a spot on your plate this month.

Taste test

Fennel is often associated with the flavor of licorice, but don’t let the idea of a candy-flavored vegetable turn you off—the flavor isn’t quite the same as a Halloween treat. You could very well still like fennel even if you don’t like the candy, because the flavor is more herbaceous and less pungent, says Juliet Glass, director of communications at FRESHFARM, a non-profit that operates producer-only farmers’ markets in the Mid-Atlantic region. “It’s a...

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