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Irish Water must make clear if network flushing worked – McGahon - Independent.ie

Last updated Monday, October 11, 2021 04:21 ET , Source: NewsService

Irish Water must provide report on whether the network flushing of Dundalk has been a success or not, according to a Dundalk Senator.

Senator John McGahon has met with Irish Water Officials over the ongoing poor quality of Dundalk’s water supply.

Speaking after the meeting with Irish Water, Senator McGahon said “I recently wrote to Irish Water seeking an urgent meeting about the poor quality of our water supply in recent months. Most of Dundalk and it’s rural hinterlands have been effected with very bad water discoloration."

He added: “Irish Water have been working alongside Louth County Council to restore normal water supply to impacted customers as quickly and as safely as possible. They are progressing with the planned programme of network flushing in Dundalk town and its environs to clear any remaining manganese sediment from the distribution network following a large burst in Dundalk in June.”

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“The purpose of my meeting was to seek clarity about the quality of the water following the sustained network flushing of recent weeks. We need to have confidence in our water supply, and I have asked Irish Water to provide a full report on their network flushing."

“I want the report to provide clarity and outline how successful the network flushing was in removing the manganese sediment. We want to reassure people that the water discoloration that has been happening for...

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