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Several glaring gaps prevent measuring Pakistan's performance towards Education (SDG 4): PYCA Study - TechJuice

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There is sufficient clarity at the federal and provincial tiers of the government regarding the urgency to tackle Pakistan’s education crises. However, despite this clarity, the issue continues to be dealt with in a manner that can at best be described as disorganized. This is illustrated by the complete disconnect between the State’s identified and nationally adopted SDG 4 priority targets and its investment trajectory within education since 2015-16.” These views were expressed by the economist and the author of the recently published white paper, “Public Investment in Education: An Appraisal of SDG 4 in Pakistan,” Asim Bashir Khan. Despite the passage of more than five years since ratifying the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, Pakistan is yet to begin making the preliminary but significant adjustments identified in its National Framework,” he further added.
The white paper published by Pakistan Youth Change Advocates (PYCA)and the Education Champion Network (ECN) provides a walk-through on the country’s current status against Goal 4, takes stalk of the investment made hence far for its realization, and offers a set of recommendations that are necessary to propel the country to meet the 2030 Agenda.
“SDG 4, which focuses on equitable quality education for all was adopted as a Tier 1 priority goal by Pakistan. However, despite only nine years remaining to 2030, the federal and provincial governments have not yet been able to prioritize their education budgeting as per...

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