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Investing in manganese – Facts revealed in Rene Perras’ interview with manganese visionary Martin Kepman - Yahoo Finance UK

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Manganese futurist Martin Kepman explains how manganese will replace cobalt in the lithium ion battery and electrical vehicle (EV) and stored energy sectors.

In addition to being an essential ingredient in the process of manufacturing steel, the demand for refined and purified manganese in the electric vehicle (EV) industry and the stored energy sector is on the rise. As new technologies are developed to reduce industry reliance on unethical, unsustainable, and expensive cobalt, manganese looks to be a suitable alternative.

Rene Perras’ interview with manganese expert Martin Kepman, CEO of New Brunswick-based Manganese X Energy Corp, a junior mining company. You can read more about the interview on Entrepreneur.

Manganese X’s mission is to advance its 100% owned Battery Hill project into production striving toward commercialization of a manganese deposit, with the intent of supplying value-added materials to the lithium-ion battery and other alternative energy industries.

The Battery Hill site boasts 1228 hectares of manganese-rich land, and is considered one of the largest carbonate manganese properties in North America strategically positioned for future development. Recent site assessments have uncovered the viability of an open mining project, with a long potential life cycle of 20 to 25 years of extracting and purifying manganese, utilizing new carbon-friendly and efficient methodologies, while processing manganese at a lower and more competitive cost.

“In a recent...

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