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Ontario Diagnostic Day 7: Tar spot toolbox, manganese deficiency, and deciding on a plant growth regulator - RealAgriculture

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It’s time for Day 7 of Ontario Diagnostic Days!

The annual Ontario field crop diagnostic days held at Ridgetown, Elora, and Winchester are again virtual in 2021.

Wheat and soybean fungicide tips, tar spot control in corn, manganese deficiency, plant growth regulators and double crop soybeans are all featured in this episode.

We’ll kick it off with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) cereals specialist Joanna Follings and RealAgriculture agronomist Peter Johnson. They’ll share wheat fungicide application tips for T1, T2 and T3 timing.

From there, we’ll join OMAFRA plant pathologist Albert Tenuta and revisit his tar spot nursery near Rodney, Ont. He’ll assess the disease’s late season impact and share how genetics and fungicides can help protect corn crops against the invading yield robber. Next up are OMAFRA soybean specialist Horst Bohner and NK brand agronomist Matt Rundle. They discuss techniques for properly staging soybeans and how well-timed fungicides can contribute to higher yields.

Our next stop is Oxford County, Ont., where OMAFRA corn lead Ben Rosser and summer student Duncan Willemse assess a field with manganese deficiency. They’ll share how the grower can fix the problem — in-season and for future years. Follings and Johnson then return to talk wheat and tackle the question — do you need a plant growth regulator (PGR)? The dynamic duo explain how variety, environment, and nitrogen rate and timing are all part of the PGR decision.


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