Saturday, October 16, 2021

JazzCash and Mastercard Introduce New Solutions to Transform Pakistan's Digital Payment Ecosystem - TechJuice

Last updated Wednesday, October 13, 2021 08:12 ET , Source: TopWireNews

Pakistan’s leading fintech JazzCash, in collaboration with Mastercard, is strengthening the country’s digital payments ecosystem. JazzCash users will now be able to apply for a physical or virtual Mastercard Debit Card and make payments to merchants accepting Mastercard QR payments.
The new Mastercard Debit Card will be available to all JazzCash users via a hassle-free application process through the mobile app, call center, or by dialing *786#. The card can be used to pay at over 67,000 points of sale merchants and over 2,000 local online merchants. It also provides access to cash withdrawals at over 16,000 automated teller machines (ATM). Customers will also be able to get Mastercard Virtual Cards instantly through the JazzCash app and then immediately use it for secure online payments.
The new set of financial solutions is set to transform Pakistan’s payments industry by simplifying access to digital payments for millions of Pakistanis and driving financial inclusion among those without access to a formal bank account. Consumers will benefit from Mastercard’s world-class digital solutions, with the new solutions allowing users to access digital services and make online payments safely and seamlessly.
“Our collaboration with JazzCash leverages global payments technology to deliver an innovative line of payment solutions that will further drive digital transformation in Pakistan. The new debit cards will redefine the ways consumers shop online and manage their finances,...

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