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$4.1 Million in grants awarded to watershed projects in Pa. - WTAJ - www.wearecentralpa.com

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) ā€” The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) awarded $4.1 million in grant funds to projects that will restore the health of local watersheds.

Three projects in our area will be funded:

Bedford County

  • Broadtop Township: $209,000 and $299,000 for treatment improvements to existing AMD passive treatment systems in two locations in Six Mile Run. The improvements will further remediate AMD discharges and achieve acidity, iron, aluminum, and manganese reduction goals for the creek. Twenty-one AMD sources have been remediated upstream, starting in the headwaters, in the past 20 years. This is the next to last major AMD remediation project before the mouth of Six Mile Run.

Clearfield County

  • Clearfield County Conservation District: $722,661 for design, permitting, and construction of a passive treatment system to remediate Korb 4 AMD discharge in Little Anderson Creek in Bloom Township. This high-priority project will reduce acidity, iron, aluminum, and manganese in the creek and, along with other projects to be completed, will restore this cold-water fishery.

Jefferson County

  • Headwaters Charitable Trust: $64,352 for design and permitting of a passive treatment system to remediate three AMD discharges in Pine Run on State Gamelands Number 320 in Porter Township. Acidity removal and alkalinity generation are the primary goals, but iron and aluminum removal will also be considered in the passive treatment design.

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