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Online Regulation of Terrorist and Harmful Content - Lawfare

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Global efforts to regulate the internet have increased dramatically over the past four years as government concerns about terrorist content or various other “online harms”' continue to grow. We at Tech Against Terrorism specialize in helping tech companies, ranging from social media platforms to smaller file-sharing sites, messaging apps, and financial technology platforms, improve their response to terrorist content while safeguarding human rights. And we know how hard it can be, and for smaller tech platforms in particular, to keep up with the fast-changing regulatory landscape. We therefore set out to provide a guide on online regulation emerging worldwide for the tech platforms we work with. To this end, we analyzed more than 60 pieces of legislation in 17 jurisdictions and examined how relevant initiatives were viewed by more than 100 experts from across civil society and the law.
The initiatives have ranged from imposing short removal deadlines to incentivizing for more automated content moderation practices. These efforts have the potential to rewrite some of the ground rules of the internet and online speech without, in our assessment, effectively tackling terrorist content online. Furthermore, many of the examined approaches pose a risk of negatively impacting freedom of expression, the rule of law, and sectoral competition and innovation. Unfortunately, democratic states risk setting a poor example in this regard.
The Overlapping Features Among the Laws and...

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