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Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor
The UAE has long held the distinction of being Pakistan’s largest trading partner in the Middle East. In fact, Pakistan’s relations with the UAE are robust and marching ahead. Pakistan has put on a marvelous show, with its pavilion at the Expo. Titled ‘Unearth Hidden Opportunities in Tourism and Investment’, the pavilion juxtaposes Pakistan’s culture, heritage, and industry with immersive art.
Inaugurating the pavilion, Pakistan President Dr Arif Alvi emphasised trade, commerce, and investments as the nation’s primary objectives behind the Expo participation. “The World Expo 2020 Dubai is an excellent opportunity for Pakistan to demonstrate its incredible potential. That’s why we’ve chosen the Opportunity District of Expo 2020 to reveal our ‘Hidden Treasures’,” said Abdul Razak Dawood, the Adviser for Commerce and Investment to Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is the latter’s vision of a progressive Pakistan that is fuelling ambitious initiatives like the Billion-Tree Project, and the newly-ratified Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) bill.
Pakistan is, undoubtedly, one of Asia’s best kept secrets! home to one of the world’s earliest civilisations, a culture of boundless hospitality, riveting geographic wonders, and an upcoming investment destination of choice.
Pakistan’s Pavilion, located in the Opportunity District, will unearth the hidden opportunities that the country has to offer. The pavilion has an immersive and hybrid art...

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