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Does Garlic Tea Have Health Benefits? - Healthline

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Garlic tea is a beverage that people typically make from a mixture of garlic, honey, and lemon.

Some people claim this drink offers a number of health benefits. Many use it as a natural way to ward off or improve symptoms of illnesses like colds and the flu, and some people claim it can treat certain health conditions like high blood pressure.

But is garlic tea really the miracle beverage that some sources claim?

The short answer is no. However, the individual ingredients may provide some benefits.

This article explains what garlic tea is and whether this concoction offers health benefits.

Garlic tea is a drink that’s made by boiling fresh, chopped garlic cloves in water and then adding lemon juice and honey. Some recipes also include chopped ginger.

Most people drink garlic tea hot or warm, though some people consume it cold.

Garlic tea is not a new creation. In fact, archaeological findings suggest Assyrians consumed tea made of garlic and solid resin thousands of years ago as a remedy for constipation (1).

Recently, garlic tea has gained popularity online due to claims from health and wellness websites promoting it as a way to boost metabolism, reduce appetite, and even treat certain cancers.

Unfortunately, these claims are not based on scientific evidence.

Even though the individual components of garlic tea may have beneficial effects on health, there’s currently no proof that drinking this beverage is superior to simply incorporating garlic tea ingredients into your...

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