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Here’s How EV Battery Technology Has Evolved Over The Years - HotCars

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The increasing abundance of electric vehicles or other devices that depend directly on batteries makes manufacturers research how much new technologies can increase battery performance.

Since the mid-20th century, researchers have come a long way to develop stable, affordable, and long-lasting batteries. The research of these power suppliers goes through the development of new materials and composites. But before continuing with the story, we must know what a battery is like inside.

All batteries comprise four fundamental components: two electrodes called anode and cathode, a liquid electrolyte where the ions that store energy move, and a separator that prevents the electrodes from coming into direct contact with each other.

When we charge the battery of our smartphone, car, or any other device, what happens is that the ions and their liquid electrolyte flow towards the anode. As the battery discharges, it means that these have moved towards the cathode side.

But how can we determine whether a battery is good or bad? First, of course, this is directly related to the amount of energy it can store, in short: the capacity of the battery. But also, the relationship between the speed of battery charging, the cycles it can withstand, and the time it takes to discharge is what determines the quality of a battery. Logically, this also determines the price tag on the battery.

The Democratization Of Batteries

The cost of batteries has evolved rapidly, democratizing in a much more...

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