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Pakistan's Colabs wants to build a community of 100,000 entrepreneurs and freelancers - KrASIA

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InsightsThe company currently operates two co-working spaces in Lahore, with a third on the way.
Colabs might seem just like another co-working operator on the surface, but what sets this company apart is its ambition to create the largest community of entrepreneurs and freelancers in Pakistan. The company plans to achieve this through its co-working spaces, business solutions, events, and educational programs.
The firm was launched in 2019 by twin brothers Omar and Ali Shah as a co-working company, and currently, operates two spaces in Lahore, with a third on the way.
“We want to knit together a community of 100,000 entrepreneurs and freelancers in Pakistan, starting with 5,000 seats within the next two years,” Colabs co-founder and CEO Omar Shah told MENAbytes. He previously spent seven years working in Dubai as a private equity and venture capital investor in emerging markets including Mexico, the UAE, Turkey, and Pakistan, before moving back to Lahore in 2019 to establish Colabs.
Ali Shah, Omar’s twin brother, is a real estate developer in Lahore. He also leads the family’s construction and development firm, Sabcon, which develops innovative and modern commercial buildings across Lahore.
Colabs currently has about 700 members. It expects to add another 400 when it launches its third location early next year. However, how can a co-working company in Pakistan with 700 seats scale to 100,000 members over the next five to seven years? For context, WeWork currently only has...

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