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Afghanistan nears collapse, say Sweden and Pakistan - asumetech

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Afghanistan collapsed in crisis after the hardline Islamist Taliban movement advanced out the west-backed government in August causes the abrupt end of billions of dollars in help to his help dependent economy.
“The country is on the edge of collapse and die collapse is coming sooner than we thought,” Swedish development minister Per Olsson Fridh told Reuters in dubai.
He said economic free fall is a environment for terrorist groups to thrive, but that Sweden wouldn’t channel money by the Taliban, instead to increase its humanitarian contributions via Afghan civil society organisations.
A lot of countries and multilateral institutions have stopped development aid but increased humanitarian aid since August, reluctant to new Taliban rulers.
The Pakistani minister of Information, Fawad Chaudhry, later told Reuters that direct involvement with the Taliban was the only one way to avert a humanitarian disaster, shouting: for billions of dollars of Afghan assets frozen overseas be released.
“Let’s go Afghanistan in driving chaos of are we going to try to stabilize the country?” he said in dubai.
Engagement would also encourage the . at protection of human rights and the establishment of an inclusive, constitutional government, he said.
Pakistan has deep ties with the Taliban and was often accused of of supporting the group while fighting the US-backed government in Kabul for 20 years — allegations denied by Islamabad. The Swedish Fridh said that the Taliban so far failed until...

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