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Last updated Sunday, October 24, 2021 10:04 ET , Source: NewsService

In that year, the country exported – mainly to China, India, Japan and Norway – $3.16 billion in manganese ore, making the brittle metal its eighth most exported product.

In Roskill’s view, the positive trend for South African manganese is set to continue in part due to the ramping up of Ntsimbintle Holdings and Glencore’s Mokala mine in the Northern Cape.

Mokala is already entering a stable production phase so it should start soon generating more than one million tonnes of manganese ore a year. The operation has an opencast life of mine of more than 10 years, with additional underground resources.

“This is the second manganese mine brought into operation under Ntsimbintle’s umbrella, the first being the Tshipi é Ntle manganese mine, also located in the Northern Cape,” a Roskill review states. “This comes despite a difficult price market for ores over 2021, which has seen significant contrast to the surging price market developments in alloys.”

The market analyst points out that while the manganese alloy markets have experienced undersupply and significant price increases, the ore market has remained burdened by high stock levels, which has led to slight price increases since the beginning of 2021.

Yet, according to Roskill, despite low ore prices and increased production costs, almost all mainstream ore suppliers remain profitable and none are cutting production to aid their higher-cost smaller-scale competitors.

“Indeed quite the reverse, numerous major ore producers...

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