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China digital farming set to boost agri in Pakistan - The Nation

Last updated Sunday, November 21, 2021 20:30 ET , Source: TopWireNews

islamabad -China’s digital farming and smart agriculture practices are going to boost Pakistan’s agriculture growth with inspiration from Chinese agro-based innovative technologies and techniques.
According to Gwadar Pro, a group of young Pakistani agri-tech entrepreneurs have pioneered a project “Digital Dera” in district Pakpattan. A tech-savvy project “Digital Dera” aims to empower farmers with cutting-edge agriculture solutions and assist them in the creation of smart communities.
Talking to Gwadar Pro, founder of “Digital Dera” and co-founder of a Think Tank ‘Agriculture Republic’, Aamer Hayat Bhandara emphasised that data, information, advisory and technology are pre-requisites for maximising agricultural growth.
He believed that despite the ideal weather and fertile land, Pakistan is unable to achieve the standard yield due to the lack of modern agricultural techniques. He also urged the usage of sensors to assist farmers in making accurate decisions for their crops.
China is leading the world in technological innovation, therefore, he proposed that Chinese agro-based companies aligned with modern agriculture vision may digitally equip Pakistani farmers by transferring technology of agriculture drones, geo-tagging, data collection through satellite imagery, electric tractors and human resource development.
The Farmland Digital Integrated Management System’s machine vision and intelligence are primarily used for monitoring plant diseases and insect pests. To achieve...

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