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Which curl bars are best?

Curling is one of the most popular weightlifting exercises for toning the arms and building bigger biceps. While users can perform curling with dumbbells and certain machines, many prefer curl bars because they reduce the chance of cheating through poor form but are still free weights.

When choosing a curl bar, there are many things to consider, including the type of plates it accepts, the finish and how heavy the knurling is. You’ll also need to pay attention to the stated capacity of any model you are considering. Perhaps the most important thing, though, is what kind of curl bar you want. Many people prefer slightly angled models like the XMark Olympic Lumberjack EZ Curl Bar because they provide a natural hand position and reduce strain on the elbows. That said, both straight bars and hammer curl bars offer some of their own benefits that may make them a more suitable choice for some.

What to know before you buy a curl bar

Types of curl bars

There are three types of curl bars: straight bars, EZ curl bars and hammer curl bars.

  • Straight bars are the least ergonomic for performing curls but offer better bicep activation since you are forced to keep your hands in an entirely supine position. They are also better for certain other exercises like overhead shoulder presses and squats.
  • EZ curl bars keep your hands in a semi-supinated position, which incorporates the...

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