Thursday, December 2, 2021

Partners to industrialise battery recycling | MRW - Materials Recycling World

Last updated Thursday, November 25, 2021 05:13 ET , Source: NewsService

Technology Minerals has formed a partnership with Slicker Recycling to collaborate in the battery metals market.

This will be done through Recyclus Group, which is 49% owned by Technology Minerals.

The companies said the agreement would lead to a national initiative with the aim of improving the UK capability for battery recycling from what they called “dangerous, small-scale manual operations” to recycling safely and sustainably on an industrial scale.

Slicker Recycling has 13 depots and makes more than 25,000 collections a year.

It will collect battery waste and transport it to the closest Recyclus Group plant, which can salvage materials including cobalt, nickel, lithium, and manganese for re-use.

Recyclus said the partnership could deliver up to 40% of the UK lead-acid battery capacity, and up to 90% of its Li-ion capacity once the two plants are commissioned early in the new year.

Recycling capacity is planned in 2022 to reach 16,000 tonnes a year for lead-acid batteries and 5,000 tonnes for lithium-ion ones.

Mark Olpin, managing director of Slicker Recycling, said: “The raw materials extracted from the used batteries collected as part of this partnership will go back into industry as part of a closed loop solution.

“This is especially welcome at a time when electric car production and ownership is at its highest ever level, with that trend set to continue on a steep curve, therefore needing sustainable solutions to keep it moving and growing.

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