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Book Discussion of Escape From Pakistan by Author Debora Ann Shea - APN News

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A Daughter’s heartfelt tribute to her father’s services to the nation
Bangalore : After the successful launch of her book ‘Escape From Pakistan’, Author Debora Ann Shea along with Dr. Marianne De Nazareth hosted a soiree discussing and touching crucial junctures from the story of her father –Commodore Jack Shea, on Thursday November 25th, 2021 at The Lounge, 25 Resthouse Crescent, Opp. The Park, Bangalore at 6.00pm.
Escape From Pakistan is more than a pulse-pounding thriller; while it gives a firsthand insight into the precarious times post partition in 1965, it is also a tender and inspiring story of Captain Jack Shea, who masterminded the escape, with brutal consequences to himself. Through her book, Debora makes a long-overdue tribute to her father Commodore Jack Shea – a gallant mariner who epitomized courage, loyalty and survival against overwhelming odds.
Brushing the dust off his early life as a child dispossessed of parental love since birth, the book traverses through Jack’s growing up years with his maternal grandparents, and with a name that belongs neither to his biological father or mother: “Garnet Milton Shea.” It throws light upon his life journey from a boy to a young man who joins the Royal Indian Navy, marries a pretty young teacher, Dorothy Hope, and nurtures a wonderful family and a rewarding career.
How life changes for this man as he is posted to Karachi, Pakistan as Naval Attaché in the Indian High Commission a few months before the Indo–Pak war of...

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