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Verner resident has had her fill of brown water - Toronto Star

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Verner has a problem with discoloured water, an issue “ongoing for a long time, that appears to be getting worse,” explained Nancy Jennings, who has lived in Verner for about 12 years.

Usually, discolouration occurs in warmer months. However, Jennings is noticing the water flowing brown much more frequently, even in the cool of Autumn.

“Brown water has been an ongoing problem for residents of Verner,” Mayor Joanne Savage acknowledges, one more visible in “warmer weather.”

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“The cause of the problem is manganese in the water source,” she said, adding that the source for the water treatment plant is the Veuve River.

The federal government explains that manganese “is an essential nutrient found naturally in the environment,” which can be present in air, food, water, soil and rock.

Manganese gets into drinking water “when water dissolves minerals that contain manganese.”

In Canada, levels are “usually low” within treated drinking water. The government has established a “guideline value for manganese in drinking water of 0.12 milligrams per litre.”

The municipality has been working “to treat the water” to “reduce or eliminate the manganese,” Mayor Savage explained, “however from time to time, brown water has been a recurring problem as per info shared by residents.

“Not all households experience problems” with discoloured water, she added. But some do, and the brown water has become a persistent problem for residents like...

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