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E-Sports in Pakistan – A Center of Interest for Investors - Dunya News

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The keen interest of advertisers in E-Sports Pakistan is surely catching some attention!
Pakistan has appeared to be entering a new era in 2021, as investments and economic possibilities stream into the country. Pakistan has established itself as a preferred location for many companies seeking to invest in the region’s next unicorn.
For our local start-up community, 2014 has been nothing short of monumental, and now everyone believes that these tech-based businesses have a great deal of promise. The tech-savvy customer, who is now more receptive and attentive to embracing new technologies, may be to blame for this shift.
As a result of Covid-19, we’ve all been accustomed to expecting rapid response times and ease of use in everything we buy. All of this suggests that technological advancement is the best path forward.
Gaming and animation are two areas that need to be investigated as part of the effort to build a tech-based industry.
In today’s world, customers are increasingly choosing non-Netflix and non-YouTube options for their entertainment needs. E-sports is increasingly catering to the desire for on-demand/digital leisure.
As long as the correct capacity building, talent development, and mentorship are put in place, Pakistan can become a major regional force in the video game business.
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