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Beijing’s New Aircraft Carrier Requires A Shake-Up In U.S. Tech Sharing - Forbes

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The Pacific Ocean will get a little more crowded next year as China debuts its new Type 003 aircraft carrier, launching the flat-top just before the USS Gerard R. Ford (CVN-78) finishes its pre-deployment refit. Beijing has timed the launch to blunt the geopolitical impact of the USS Ford, presenting China’s platform as an equal counterweight. But the launch of the Type 003 sends another, more subtle signal: China’s carrier sector is now open for business.
Aircraft carrier technology is a market. China is entering it, and America—the current market leader —is moving too slowly to effectively compete. This failure to aggressively market U.S. carrier technology overseas and open wider access to EMALS—America’s advanced electromagnetic launch system, innovative power handling technologies, carrier-ready aircraft or other, less noticeable carrier-enabling technologies, is a mistake.
To correct it, the U.S. needs to shake up how it shares tech with allies and partners.
As America struggles to transfer aircraft carrier technology to a single critical ally, China will market—and is likely already marketing – their carrier technology to clients like Pakistan, or aspiring regional players like Turkey, Indonesia, or Brazil. China’s technology may not be on par with America yet, but as Beijing’s Communist Dynasty captures greater market share and invests in keeping key technical suppliers healthy, they clearly have a strategy to get there.
China’s Type 003’s launch system skips two...

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