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Pakistani entrepreneur Farzal Dojki, Founder NextGenI gets UAE's golden visa in IT and software industry - TechJuice

Last updated Friday, December 17, 2021 03:00 ET , Source: TopWireNews

Founder of Next Generation Innovations (NextGenI), Farzal Dojki has become the first entrepreneur from Pakistan’s IT industry to get the UAE’s much-coveted 10-year Golden Visa. His firm works with tech startups to build their tech teams and help enterprises in their push towards digital innovation.
The Golden Visa was instituted by the UAE government in 2019 as a system that allows highly skilled professionals, large investors, celebrities, and entrepreneurs to get UAE residency for 10 years.
“While I am the main recipient of this visa, the credit goes to the hundreds of Pakistani software engineers from our local universities who have worked at NextGenI over the past 10 years. The software products they built have allowed the founders to raise approximately $500 Million in VC capital. These platforms are collectively valued at over $4.5 Billion.” Farzal Dojki, Founder and CEO, NextGenI
Next Generation Innovations (NextGenI) is a thriving software company with a very strong employee engagement. While they have some enterprise clients, their preference is to work with Tech startups, which allows them to offer exciting engineering career paths to engineers. If the startup is successful, the employees ride along the path of success. One of their software engineers, Mohammad Fawad, has worked on 3 startup products over the past 6 years and all 3 of them have been acquired by European and American Decacorns.
“The award has given us the validation as a startup specialist in the...

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