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Manganese X Energy Reviews 2021 and Looks Forward to 2022 - Junior Mining Network

Last updated Thursday, December 30, 2021 00:17 ET , Source: NewsService

is pleased to announce that 2021 was another year of significant growth for the Company, highlighted by the advancement of its Battery Hill manganese project located near Woodstock, New Brunswick.

Martin Kepman, CEO of Manganese X states,

  • The manganese metal price has increased 100% during the year and has performed very well among the minor metal sectors.
  • Experts are predicting that starting next year there will be a shortage of high purity manganese. This shortage will continue and by 2030 present production will only be fifth of the projected demand.
  • Manganese X Energy Corp is poised to take advantage of this situation and to become a major supplier to North American EV and back-up energy storage requirements within the near future.

Manganese X Energy 2022 Strategies and Goals

  • Successfully complete the Battery Hill project PEA and fast track directly into pre-feasibility or feasibility study.
  • Pursue negotiations with a multi-national company to explore future development and sales of our value-added manganese materials to the North American markets
  • Continue to aggressively advance the development of its Battery Hill manganese property and the innovative, cost-effective metallurgical process developed to produce high purity manganese products to the fast-growing North American lithium-ion battery market.
  • JV partner Purebiotic Air Corp anticipates application for FDA Certification of products. Development of a pilot plant is envisioned. Upgrading of the HVAC patent...

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