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Revolutionising ed-tech ecosystem - The Express Tribune

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Not even a single sector of life has been spared by the devastating impacts of Covid-19. Education is no exception. World Bank estimates show that around 1.7 billion students from around the whole terra firma have come under the unfortunate consequences, in some form or the other, of this malicious disease. To lessen the repercussions, the idea of e-learning had to be adopted by millions of students — along with their educators and mentors — with lightning speed.
As coronavirus continues to change its shape and outlook, so do policymakers and scientific researchers’ innovative techniques for providing education to our younger lot. In this process of incessant change, what has become the norm is the intermittent closure of learning centres. This new situation has ushered in a new era of education, where governments are continuously devising new frameworks and mechanisms and implementing them to digitalise this crucial sector to its maximum potential. To keep pace with the fast-changing landscape of e-learning around the globe, it is time to ponder new ways to meet the digital requirements of our educators and instructors as well as learners.
In Pakistan, going online for learning is not very smooth and accessible. Availing the advantage of digital platforms is not an easy task for a society whose major chunk of the population is living below the poverty line. Suffering under the shockwaves of economic crunch and barely meeting his daily needs, a man on his beam’s end cannot...

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