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Doing science-based regional development in Pakistan - Global Village space

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The government’s recent promotion of initiatives such as science parks, high-tech special economic zones, special technology development zones, and related organizations in different parts of the country is a clear sign of its good intentions to promote science-based regional development in Pakistan. But good intentions need to be backed by good logic to bear good results.
Science-based regional development is the special subset of regional economic development. In simplest terms, it aims to change the economic characteristics and growth trajectory of a designated city or region from low to high development, combined with increases in the level of skills and per capita income of the given city or region, through initiatives aimed at promoting S&T business and industry.
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The importance of R and D
Since people who do science and technology are generally to be found in public and private universities and R&D setups, universities play a leading role in this special form of development. Since the density and proximity of organized groups of people and enterprises are the time-honored routes for creativity and inventions to flourish as well as communication, transaction, transportation, and opportunity costs to come down, unique spaces called new industrial clusters like special economic zones, industrial parks, science and technology parks, research parks, business incubators and accelerators,...

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