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For Pakistan to emerge from the quagmire of poverty, ignorance and deprivation, there is one – and only one – way forward: to divert its resources to education, science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.
The authorities should declare a national education emergency, which will involve several steps to change the strategic directions of Pakistan from the present low value-added economy to a strong knowledge-based economy. The key to progress now lies in the ability of nations to manufacture and export high-value high-tech goods. To do that, we must focus on strengthening the entire pyramidal structure of our education system by moving away from rote learning and encouraging problem-solving skills as well as innovation and entrepreneurship so that our students transition from being job seekers to becoming job givers.
A national education emergency will focus not only on promotion of equitable high-quality education but also on industrial research and development through university-industry linkages and on new start-ups through innovation and entrepreneurship. A serious hurdle in imparting quality education is the quality of our faculty members in schools, colleges and universities. The advent of massive open online courses has partly addressed this issue. Almost 20 years ago when I was the federal minister for science and technology, I realised the significance of these courses, and we then established a mirror website of MIT open courses in Pakistan. As a result,...

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