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National Incubation Centre applications open for 12th startup cohort - Daily Pakistan Global

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The National Incubation Center is the start-up innovation and entrepreneurial hub of Pakistan, managed by Teamup and Jazz in collaboration with Ignite and the Ministry of Information Technology. Since its inception in 2016, the NIC has incubated 11 cohorts, consisting of more than 250 start-ups, that have gone on to create more than 15,000 jobs and earn revenue exceeding 2.5 billion PKR.
The NIC acts as a bridge between entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors, a hub for innovation. A place born to nurture and grow talent from across Pakistan. From being awarded the best facility by Forbes, to winning global competitions the National Incubation
Center has several accolades in its name. Boosting women empowerment is one of the core values of the NIC, owing to which 114 women entrepreneurs are part of the NIC and are leaving their mark on the global stage.
Pakistani Start-ups from all tech genres including Health-tech, Food-tech, Tourism, and Hospitality, Agri-tech, Gaming, Big Data and Analytics, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Sports, Fashion, Ed-Tech, Aviation, Fintech, Internet of things, E-commerce, Robotics, and others are encouraged to join this hybrid (virtual and in-house) program to gain access to its state-of-the-art facility and offerings.
To apply, visit https://nicpakistan.pk/get-incubated/
Selected start-ups will get a chance to experience a custom founder curriculum to help them accelerate their idea into successful and viable businesses....

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