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Study Now, Pay When You Land a Job - First Time in Pakistan - TechJuice

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Financing your studies can be a massive barrier to entering the tech industry. Despite the global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers, Pakistan is still lagging in developing human capital for this industry.
DevNation, founded by three tech enthusiasts looking to give back to society, has taken a step to fill this void by introducing the Study Now, Pay When You Land a Job payment mode for the first time in Pakistan. This payment method will help remove the financial barrier and enable DevNation to upskill 50 million under-skilled and under-educated Pakistanis.
It is an opportunity for our youth to enter the job market and earn high-paying jobs. Making such opportunities accessible is critical because the unemployment rate is looming at 5%, and 30% of the population lives below the poverty line.
Through the Study Now, Pay When You Land a Job payment method, everyone will have an equal opportunity to take DevNations’ Live classes designed and conducted by industry experts. The students get a chance to hone their soft skills and invest a lot in building a portfolio and real-world applications. Finally, through DevNation’s extensive employer network, 99% of their graduates end up in high-paying jobs.
In short, if you know that there’s the opportunity to get the job of your dreams with all the perks and flexibility you want, but you don’t have the funds to get started, then DevNation is here to help. Their next batch for the Full-Stack Web Development Course is...

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