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The Gorgeous vivo V23e — Tech Gurus’ Opinion - Daily Pakistan Global

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These days, smartphones pack the latest and greatest of hardware. There are very few areas left for companies to make their phones stand out from the crowd. vivo, however is betting big on everything and the design department for the V23e - the company’s latest premium smartphone in Pakistan. The device has a superb 50MP AF Portrait Selfie camera, 64MP Night Camera on the rear, 7.36mm Ultra Slim AG Design, 44W FlashCharge and much more.
So, is the vivo V23e the best smartphone for selfie lovers? Or should you look for some alternatives? Let’s hear what the Tech Gurus have to say!
While unboxing and reviewing the vivo V23e, Ali Abbas, a Youtuber who runs a tech channel named Mastech highlighted how the device’s compact size combined with AMOLED display will appeal to vivo consumers. He also appreciated the visual experience in both natural and artificial light. “The 50 MP AF Portrait Selfie feature is the highlight of V23e, and it would set it apart from the other smartphones,” he said specifically.
In an unboxing video of vivo V23e on ReviewsPK, Ameer Dagha said - “The sleek and slim design is a major selling point of vivo V series and if you’re looking for a good-looking phone, vivo V23e should definitely be on your list.” He reviewed the Sunshine Coast edition and was really impressed with the AMOLED display.
Phone World, another popular YouTube review channel, unboxed the device and instantly noted how lightweight vivo V23e is and how it’s different from other V series...

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