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Pakistani entrepreneur accelerates UAE startups - Khaleej Times

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Dubai - Farzal Dojki’s company Next GenI has worked with over 50 tech startups in the GCC, deploying hundreds of engineers and millions of hours over the past 10 years
Building a tech team for a tech product is like a “fun roller coaster experience”, says Farzal Dojki, founder of NextGenI, a firm that works with the founders of tech startups to build their tech teams, or with enterprises in their push towards digital innovation.
As an industry veteran who has worn many hats, Dojki will be the first person to say that not everything has been smooth sailing. After receiving a CS and Economics degrees from Austin and NYU, he worked in the US as a software developer for two very large firms. However, when he returned to Pakistan in 2005, his first job was at a small company.
“We did not use the term ‘startup’ back then,” he recalls. “That was a big change in my life, and exposed to me the fun of working in a small team of passionate builders. Jeff Bezos’s 2-pizza-theory is the best explanation of where the fun stops and bureaucracy starts. After that, I worked for a few more years at two small companies, and I loved it.”
However, when a fourth startup that he worked for shut down, he decided that it was time to go solo. “That was the genesis of Next Generation Innovations. Over the past 10 years, we have done over a 100 projects, of which there have been around 50 pure startups, and of them, more than 20 have gone on to raise series A or more.”
Dojki stressed that NextGenI...

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